Debra is an absolute dream come true for me. I have tried probably over a hundred different treatment sessions, several dozen practitioners (maybe around 50+?), and many different modalities to get to the root of my issues both physically and emotionally. Debra is the most effective and most powerful tool outside of myself and my personal practices I have to deal with my “stuff”.

After every single session I walk away with a profound positive change in my body and my psyche. I am elated to have the opportunity to work with such a skilled and humble practitioner. She gives so much care to you when you’re with her and has such a potent and transformative power of touch, and when paired with her wisdom and skill it becomes a remarkable talent that can help move things in your system that nothing else could.

Out of my HUGE network of energy healers and bodywork therapies it’s rare to find somebody who has been as transformative to my life as her work. I feel although I am working through her in a strange way. What I mean by that is she is very tuned into what’s going on in my system, and what gets worked on is always what was needed, even if I didn’t realize it before coming in. I haven’t met anybody as skilled as her in this realm of work. Could not recommend her more. Forever in gratitude for her and this work.

Thank you Debra!

Bryce Boyer

Owner, Transmute Healing

Debra Jean LeBrun has supported my whole family for the past 20 years! Whether it was with daughter’s TMJ, or with the arthritis that sits in my neck, she is our “go-to” person every time!

My husband, was complaining about how his feet hurt. After three pairs of new shoes and no relief, he finally saw Debra Jean and got relief. His feet were not the culprit. It was his lower back. Through a few sessions of cupping, Debra Jean gave him the relief he craved for over a year.

My daughter, Satya, has been grinding her teeth since she was three years old. This led to headaches and much, much more. The first orthodontist suggested aspirin. OK. When I mentioned it to Debra Jean, she suggested bringing her in. What a difference! We have since found a better orthodontist that has worked with her bite on a skeletal level. And, Debra Jean works with her muscles in her neck and face to relieve the pressure build up. Every mother will tell you, it takes a village! I strongly believe this to be true. I consider Debra Jean an integral part of our family. She knows exactly what to do to make my daughter smile!

Kathleen H.

I’ve suffered with chronic pain for years with little or no relief from other massage therapists. Debra Jean has been the only professional who was able to pinpoint the source of my pain and provide relief with the use of medi cupping and bodywork. I’ve never experienced a reduction in pain until I saw her last week. I will not go to anyone else for treatment-her expertise surpasses all others.

Rodney P.

I have had back/hip issues for over 7 years. I’ve tried physical therapy, reiki and acupuncture. I am thrilled to say I finally have relief since I met Debra -Jean LeBrun of Face Rejuvenation & Healing Massage.

 Debra -Jean has incredible knowledge and skills that make her the best I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Debra- Jean has been a terrific partner in helping me with massage, cupping and specialized facials.

I highly recommend Debra Jean to everyone.

Barbara Wilson

Debra Jean has performed miracles for me. After running my 6th marathon in 2012, I was going down my stairs with laundry when my knee gave out. I spent the next several months hoping it would get better on its own.

A very prominent orthopedist who has treated many professional athletes diagnosed “arthritis” and said I would probably never run again. Devastated, I visited another doctor and got the same diagnosis.  

After spending 18 months mourning my loss of running, I found Debra Jean. Within a single visit, my knee pain was significantly better! Within 3 visits, I was back running again! And it is all due to Debra Jean’s skillful use of massage and cupping therapies. I recommend her to anyone who cares to listen!!

Vickie Y.

It is my pleasure to offer these words of support for Debra-Jean LeBrun.   As a massage therapist myself, I have chosen to receive treatments from Debra-Jean.  Debra’s ability to assess areas of tension/injuries has gained my respect of her as a professional.  She has a comprehensive knowledge of the human anatomy and her ability to treat injuries has made her a leader in the field.

Farris Ajalat, MS

Licensed Massage Therapist

When I signed up for my first massage ever , I was a little intimidated because I had no idea what to expect.  I have been going to a chiropractor for several years for chronic neck and back pain and thought it would be a good idea to add massage therapy to help ease my stress worn muscles (I work in a high intensity environment so stress and I have become close friends through the years).  

Walking into the office, the intimidation faded.  The environment was peaceful with a big fish tank and very relaxing music.  Debbie was easy to talk with and as I explained to Debbie what the issues were she listened, asked questions when needed, but more importantly made sure I was comfortable and felt safe.

  As she worked with me, I found her to be in tune with what she was doing and she pays attention to what your body needs.  When I left that first time, it was amazing how much better my neck and back felt.

 That was more than half a year ago and I’ve been going back every 2 weeks ever since.  I feel that it’s important to my well being.  Debbie is very talented in her work and sometimes it’s the best relief I have from the pain.  I write about all aspects of her practice as it’s all important.  Atmosphere, comfort, feeling of safety, and a talented massage therapist with a great deal of knowledge.

I am grateful to have her as one of my providers and would strongly recommend Massage By Debra Jean to anyone looking to try massage therapy.

Chris T.

Team Leader, Mental Health Outreach

Having suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for some time now, it was suggested for me to try some massage treatment. Debra talk to me about some message strategies and how it would benefit over time. I’ve been seeing her for a few years and I can’t believe how much better my hands move and the pain has subsided a great deal from her treatments. Recently I had fallen down stairs and had suffered a lot of back pain. I really didn’t believe that I could feel less pain, but Debra again did her MAGIC with Therapeutic and CranioSacral Therapy. The devotion Debra put towards helping me out of my pain shows the knowledge and pride she takes in her massage practice. Thank you Debra! -Carolyn B., Hair Stylist and Corrective Colorist

I have been a client of Debra-Jean’s for several years and I am delighted with her professionalism, knowledge of her craft. and the way she puts me at ease with each visit. Debra-Jean’s holistic approach means she studies symptoms of stress flare-ups as clues to looking for ways to improve my entire well-being. I enthusiastically recommend Debra-Jean to anyone looking for a gifted masseuse.


I recently had hand surgery and made appointments to see Debra-Jean. Her post surgical massage techniques are amazing. She was able to reduce the majority of the swelling in my hand and arm after the first visit. I would highly recommend her for post-surgery treatment. I am sure her pre-operative treatments are just as amazing.


Debra-Jean is an incredible healer with her gentle touch methods. I am feeling much better already after 2 sessions and I have booked 3 more! The work that she is doing on my jaw is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Excited to continue along this healing journey with her.


I was so lucky to find Debra-Jean. I had tried everything to relieve the bursitis in my hip: shots, physical therapy, acupuncture. Nothing worked until I came to Debra-Jean. Within a few sessions, I was pain free. Since then she has kept my back healthy through much stress. What a wonderful healer! 

Denise R.

Dear Debra Jean,

It was just one year and one month ago that you sat with me after my diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer and assured me that you were on my team and I would make it through! You would reach into your toolbox during each session and give me just what I needed. Sometimes my neck needed some deeper touch. Other times, especially during chemotherapy, what I craved most was a relaxing touch massage, so I could let go of the chemicals that wracked my body and just BE.  Your comforting words and gentle healing touch offered me the strength and fortitude to take on the cancer and make it through. Thank you!

They say that your attitude is at least 50% of the battle against cancer. I now can say that statistic is way off. Being able to laugh as your hair falls out, cry as your eyelashes disappear. And, most of all, create your team to be there with you through it all! And, Debra Jean has been a godsend on my team from the very beginning! From skin care products to help with chemo and radiation reactions to just letting me release the tears that would well up all week.

Over the past two months, it was you who noticed the lymphodema first and strongly pushed me to see my doctor. I was fine after my mastectomy in May. It was not until after radiation that the lymphodema showed up. Luckily, we caught it early and got the sleeve right away. With your skills of lymphatic massage, I have more energy and the pain is minimal. I didn’t realize how the swelling in my upper torso and arm could affect my stamina, fatigue and attitude. I knew that all the treatment would take its toll, but never realized how much swelling could impact my day to day activities. YOU DID! Again, thank you!  Your healing touch has carried me through this past year.

Thank you, my friend for your partnership and support this past year. I am clear that you are a healer in every sense of the word. You met with your energy wherever I was and supported me there. That is a skill very few healers have!


I have known Debra for 7 years.  I Have listen to her chat about all of the massages she does. But when she chatted with me about the cranioSacral therapy she was so excited.  She has watched my MS progress over the years.  I suffer from severe spasticity in my left leg and low back. Her enthusiasm was such that I had to try this.

How amazed and thrilled was I when I got off the table to find that the spasticity had subsided and my leg was bending.  My energy level was up and I felt on top of world.  Debra-Jeans touch, knowledge and energy levels  are a great part of this experience.  I would recommend the cranioSacral therapy to all.

Debra thank you for giving me some relief of my spasticity and pain.

Kathy R.

Debra-Jean is a skilled, seasoned and kind bodyworker. She’s always adding to her knowledge base.She listens to me and to my tissue. It’s a pleasure to have her work on me. 

Elaine W.

I first went to see Debra-Jean in 2009 for her manual lymphatic drainage treatments. I’m so fortunate to have found someone with this training. I don’t know what I would do without those treatments!

I now see her for my facials and skincare products. Her facials are the best, and she offers so many different treatments! Debra knows exactly what my skin needs. She is amazing!

I highly recommend Debra-Jean for all of her services! Go and see her…you won’t be disappointed!

Pat M.

Debra-Jean LeBrun is a gifted practitioner. Her compassionate gentile manner, obvious expertise, intuitive sensitivity, warm healing hands and instructions for self-care after the session make for the best results and the best experience.

Paul S.

After extensive gum surgery due to an infection, I was experiencing a great deal of swelling that persisted for days. The meds prescribed were not touching the swelling, only the pain for short spans of time. In layman’s terms, I was in rough shape. Hot and cold foods were still quite painful. And, because of the swelling, chewing was not even a possibility.

Debra Jean gave me a lymphatic treatment on the fourth day after the surgery. Within a half hour of my treatment, the swelling had gone down more than 50%, taking a lot of the pain with it. By the fifth day, I was able to return to work. After another treatment on the eighth day following surgery, the swelling that remained was again halved to merely a bump. I am sure that Debra Jean’s treatment accelerated my healing time exponentially, allowing me to return to work earlier than expected.

In my opinion, this lymphatic treatment is vital to any surgery to accelerate personal healing and recovery time. This was my first experience with lymphatic healing and my first treatment ever to help with my post-operative recovery. I can easily see this as an integral part of any post-op treatment plan. Without this, I probably would have needed more pain meds and missed a lot more work. Imagine a treatment not needing pain meds! I would strongly recommend this to anyone who is scheduled for a surgery. They will be pleasantly surprised and thankful as I am.

Paul H.

After having surgery on my right shoulder I noticed my left shoulder was bothering me at the gym. I consulted with my trainer who suggested a massage with emphasis on the left shoulder. I booked a massage with Debra and it turned out to be a great idea. I have had no left shoulder pain at all since the massage

Paul O.