Emotional Healing After Cancer

Emotional Healing Through Compassionate Touch

Congratulations, you are cancer free! Perhaps, you and your medical team are completing your rounds of treatment or you are living with cancer. In any event, you have been told, “You can get back to living your life!” This is great news, but where do you start?

“It was just one year and one month ago that you sat with me after my diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer and assured me that you were on my team and I would make it through.”

Cancer treatments, (chemo, radiation, and surgery) all have taken a toll not only on your body, but also on your spirit, your emotions and outlook on life.  Basically it has taken a toll on you entire being. Are you left feeling weary, stiff and maybe experiencing chronic pain? Are you struggling with insomnia, depression or anxiety? Are you looking for support through your healing process? 

A specialized massage with a massage therapist trained in Oncology Massage might be just what you need. Imagine working with a therapist who will consult with your medical team and provide a safe place where you can take a vacation from cancer. As an oncology massage therapist, my only focus is you and your comfort.  I can offer you a place where you can come be yourself and feel safe.

“I wanted this every day! After my massage I felt everything was right inside me.”

A massage therapist trained in Oncology Massage can provide wonderful and positive effects that can support your healing: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Your entire being needs time to restore and be nurtured. Massage Therapy can offer you a human touch that is comforting and safe. A massage will allow you to relax and give you time away from your cancer.

Massage creates a relaxing experience during this challenging time in your life. It is a shame that treatments for emotional healing, such as massage or Craniosacral Therapy are not part of the cancer treatment protocol and are only an option for your healing.

“What I craved most was a relaxing touch massage.”

Massage therapy supports all parts of you, your whole person, not only does it offer short term pain relief, it has been known to help:

Reduce anxiety and stress levels
Ease Depression
Reduce swelling
Aid in the healing of scars, which improves body image
Reduce headaches
Decrease insomnia
Decrease fatigue
Relieve constipation
Reduce nausea
Increase alertness and mental clarity
Improve peripheral neuropathy
Aid in post-surgical healing

“I sleep so well after seeing you.”

In addition to massage therapy, Craniosacral Therapy (CST) has also helped many of my clients who have been diagnosed with various types of cancer in all stages. CST has been helpful during their medical treatment, their emotional hearing and through survivorship.  Both treatments can deliver renewed strength to heal and provide you with a sense of wellbeing. CST is a light touch.  It is a gentle hands-on treatment that can help by enhancing your body’s health and wellbeing.

Unlike massage, during a CST treatment you remain clothed, and it can be done while lying down or sitting up.  CST is a whole-body approach that is intended to support the process of recovery. Each session is deeply relaxing and works at freeing up the central nervous system so it may perform at its best.

The craniosacral system is comprised of the membranes and fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. This technique uses a gentle and delicate touch which frees the central nervous system to perform at its best. This will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and support your body’s healing abilities.

“When I left after my first visit, it was amazing how much better my neck and back felt.”

CST has been reported by clients with cancer to help:

Alleviate side effects from chemotherapy, radiation
Reduce or eliminate nausea Increase appetite
Decrease pain
Reduce the chance of infections
Promote deep relaxation
Relieve fatigue
Improve the quality of life

“Debra-Jean is incredible, supportive, and has provided me with a relaxing safe place to heal. She is knowledgeable, shared what she knows, and her experience empowers people to heal.”

Debra-Jean LeBrun is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Master Aesthetician (since 1998). Debra-Jean specializes in Craniosacral Therapy, and she is trained in Oncology Massage and Skincare.  Debra-Jean has helped many individuals move beyond their cancer event and embrace their emotional healing.  She is also highly trained in scar release (both surgical and burn scars); Manual Lymphatic Drainage; Pre and Post-Surgical Massage and Vacuum Therapy.  Debra-Jean is the owner of Balance Within, Massage & Skin located in Beverly Massachusetts, and would be happy to assist you.